London you are my favourite one!

London tube with a sparkling sun

London tube with a sparkling sun, edited with instagram

If I ask you, where in this world red telephone boxes and buses are unlimited? You will probably tell me London! And you would be right to say so… It is the first thing that pops up on people’s mind when you mention UK and world cultural capital. But is “the color red” the only thing that comes on your mind?

After my adventures in Dubai and Paris, I want to share with you some of my stories from my recent trip to London. The UK is the land where I studied my BA in Southampton and my Master in Manchester. During fours years of my life, from 2006 to 2010, I met a lot of people and made a lot of good friends.

In my first day there, I had the chance to attend my Algerian friend’s wedding and what a better opportunity to catch up with your friends than such a joyful gathering. Usually, when we think of an Algerian wedding, we think of a 3 to 4 days celebration with a lot of colourful dresses. Well, mine was one night stand, had delicious food, traditional dances and not to forget men and women were in two different sections.

When it comes to dancing, Algerian men got style and “super cool” moves. I thought, I was good but they apparently surpassed me.  The food was awesome with shourba (soup) for the first course and matouam (meat balls) for the main course. For desert a palette of sweets such as cornet and sigare ( see picture below) were offered to us with tea and coffee.

Algerian sweets: cornet and sigare

Algerian sweets: cornet and sigare, edited with instagram

You can imagine after eating all these food, dancing was not enough to burn the exceeding calories that I gained, hence I had to venture myself into outdoor activities.

Moving around London is pretty much easy if like me you have a samsung galaxy S3 with internet on it. You just have to ask google for directions and he will guide you wherever you want to go.

Usually in London we sing under the rain, but we can also ride a bike. And that’s what I have done with my friends using barclays cycle hire. The coolness of the rain mixed with the endorphines created by the act of cycling were a terrible cocktail to start the day. On the same day we visited the national gallery and admired many paintings such as The Grand Canal, Venice 1908 by Claude-Oscar Monet. After a long day outside, we went to eat at Namak Mandi, maybe one of the best places where they serve Peshawar dishes.

Biking under the rain

Biking under the rain, edited with instagram

My 10 days in lovely Lodon was an opportunity for me to experience an Algerian wedding, reconnect with my friends and venture myself into outdoor activities.The frenchcroissant was in London, enjoyed it very much and will come back soon with more adventures to tell. To be continued…


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