Life is a joke!

baby laughing; Image credit: hudsonvalleyparentblog

Baby laughing; Image credit: hudsonvalleyparentblog

L.I.F.E // Four letters and a lot of stories associated with it. What’s life! Not an easy answer, that’s for sure. Some people will say life is a school, and others will say life is a journey. Amongst those expressions, my favourite one is, life is a joke!

Life is full of surprises and sometimes, unpleasant experiences. When people are facing difficult trials such as “searching for a job”, “dealing with death” or “being under a lot pressure”, they have a hard time accepting it and understanding what’s happening in their life. So the common reaction is to become frustrated, angry, discontent and blaming it on life.

Of course, pain, fear and anger are normal feelings that someone should experience and should express. However, if you define life as a joke, suddenly you can expect to laugh and smile about each experiences of your life. How many times, you have been told a joke and you did not get it from the first time? In life it is the same, how many times you have gone through hard times, not knowing why, and at the end of it, you became a better person, learnt from it and finally laughed about it.

Life and laughing are two similar words to me. Whatever happens in life, happens for a reason that sometimes exceeds our understanding, so better laugh about it 🙂


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