My tips on how to stay young and fresh

The little monster, edited with Instagram

The little monster, edited with Instagram

One day Pablo Picasso said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up”.  Expressing the children within you is a challenge for many of us and in this blog post I present you my tips to overcome the “grown-up” syndrome, as I call it.

A few months back, sleeping over at my friend’s place, I woke up near this toy which I call the “little monster” and I was glad to meet him. It made me realise how much I need to come back to basics. Sometimes I am so in my grown-up life that I forget that I was once a child running all over the place, laughing, screaming, asking all sorts of questions and being just myself. So today, I made this list of tips to speak again the language of  “childhood” in other words the language of “spontaneity”.

To immerse myself back to childhood, I need to create the right environment around me to make me feel as such. Here are three different tips that I think would work for me:

1- Buy toys that you like and sleep with them

From my observation, children hate going to sleep but they love the experience of it. The light is filtered, it’s about to get dark and they love to genuinely pick which toys are going to sleep with them. We all had a toy that we loved or a teddy bear that was always with us when we were young. Well, for a start, I could recreate that environment by buying myself some toys and start a daily ritual to sleep with them.

2- Learn something fun

Learning is part of the childhood process. When we are young, we want to know about everything that surrounds us. We are curious and we ask questions nearly every two minutes. But once we grow up, this need to know slowly dies and curiosity becomes something of the past. Hence, learning something new and fun, joining a drawing class or something else can bring back the children within me.

3- Acting like a child every once in a while

Acting like a child every once in a while cannot make me any harm. Speak your mind, laugh when you want to laugh and ask what you want to ask without worrying about other people’s opinions are healthy behaviours when done with care. After all, It’s your uniqueness that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Overall, those are my tips to express more often the children within me . Childhood is not a stage of your life, it’s a spirit. Keep moving, keep changing and most important of all keep listening to the child inside of you 🙂


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