“See you in another life brother”

Desmond, one of the main characters from Lost, image credit: lost.wikia.com

Have you ever bumped into an old friend in a strange place or somewhere unexpected? It happened to me a few times and today I want to share with you three stories that until today make me smile:

1- Roommates for life

It was in December 2011 and I was about to leave Dubai to spend Christmas holiday back home in France. Walking in Mall of the Emirates I bumped into my roommate from University when I was studying way back in 2007/2008.

What’s my roommate from the UK doing in the middle of nowhere?

Both surprised and happy to see each other, we hugged and talked about the good times we had back in Southampton, UK.

2- Back to high-school

This story happened a few months later, in March 2012. I was waiting at the French Business Council in Dubai when I saw someone entering that looked similar to an old friend. The secretary pronounced his name loudly. I was almost sure it was him and I needed now to confirm it.

What’s my friend from high-school doing in the middle of nowhere?

Excited and at the same time unsure, I asked the secretary if I can talk to him.  A few minutes later, I am in front of my friend back from high-school. Years went by but still it was just like yesterday and we had a good time and a good laugh.

3- Flying back home

While studying in the UK, I used to often fly back to France for holidays and during those trips I used to meet interesting people. The thought of meeting someone I already knew was always there until I actually did. One of those trips, the person next to me was also a friend from high-school. It was fun catching up and at the same time weird.

Those three stories made me realise that the world is a small place after all and that there is no such thing called coincidence.

Notes: “See you in another life brother” is taken from Lost one of my favourite TV series.


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