Cooking is sexy

Almost exactly one year ago, I was invited by my Indian friend to enjoy delicious home-made food from Hyderabad. I remember those dishes as if it was yesterday : chicken lentil soup with shahi lamb. The food was extremely tasty, but what I found inspiring was that my friend decided to learn the art of cooking from his mum to safeguard her legacy and to pass it on to the future generations. From that day onwards I started seeing cooking from a different perspective.

My mum food is the best

I realised that every mum has in their recipe repertoire some classics that are simply unique and that you will rarely find in books or over the internet. Being of Lebanese descent, food is very important in my family and we take it very seriously. I grew up eating homous, taboulet and all sorts of mouth-watering dishes that made the man I am today.

After eating at my friend’s place, I came to the conclusion that today, it was my turn to master the unique dishes of my mum repertoire. I started to see all of my mum recipes as a treasure map and the only way to get to them was only by writing them down and practice them over and over again.

Behind every recipe lies a story

Easier said than done, the idea of cooking and the whole concept of treasure map and safeguarding my mum legacy grew in my mind for almost a year now until august 2014. Yeah that’s right, I have started my mission to go after every treasure recipe that my mum have fed me with until today and to master them. Of course, not all of them, but at least the special ones.

chocolate cake,

chocolate cake, edited with Instagram

In order to achieve that aim, I’ve started a routine to discover a recipe per week . I’ve learned to cook a chocolate cake, fatayer bel lahme (meat pie), pancake and a chocolate & vanilla biscuit cake. Recipe after recipe, I’ve found out that behind every single one of them lies a story. For instance, my mum will count me from whom and where she learnt it and at which occasions she used to prepare it for.

Meat Pie

meat pie, edited with instagram

So far, I have really enjoyed cooking and overall it made me a better person. Not only for the reasons I mentioned above but also because when you cook, you become a giver rather than a taker and you automatically beautify life around you. When done properly, people around you are happy to taste your food and you bring sunshine into their lives. That’s why, I say without a doubt that cooking is sexy.


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