The frenchcroissant did go to Paris!

On my way to Paris

On my way to Paris, edited by Instagram

My life is composed of numerous travel and adventure. I have been to Dubai, America, Spain, Lebanon, Italy, Oman, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and of course France! Phew…

But do you know what’s funny?

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Dubai is a great example of determination and persistence

Dubai's sunset - 2012, edited with befunky

Dubai’s sunset – 2012, edited with befunky

Despite the tallest building in the world, gigantic malls and a beautiful weather, there is more to Dubai than meets the eye.

Food is one of them! Between the delicacy of a Yemeni mandi, an American Baskin-Robbins milkshake and a Turkish coffee, the choice is yours. Being a touristic city, restaurants are available all around the emirate and from all the nationalities.

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